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Warequip Walkie Stackers from Warehousing Equipment

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Warehousing Equipment  (Warequip) offers a large range of walkie stackers for various lifting and materials handling requirements in industrial or warehousing environments.  

Warequip’s walkie stackers range from manual units through to electric units in both straddle legged and fork over options.   

Walkie stackers completely eliminate manual lifting in the workplace, preventing injuries to the staff.  

The lifting equipment is available in capacities ranging from 500kg to 1000kg with lift heights ranging from 1600mm to 3000mm.  

Walkie stackers are supplied in manual, semi-electric and full traction electric options.  

Key features of Warequip’s walkie stackers

  • Manual walkie stackers have hand or foot lift operation and level release 
  • Semi electric walkie stackers have electric lift and manual push
  • Full traction walkie stackers have electric lift and electric drive
  • Optional ride-on platform and operator safety guides to assist with operator safety are available in full traction units 
  • Choice of straddle walkie stackers and fork over walkie stackers
  • Straddle units are used for skid and pallet lifting
    • Suitable for multiple applications as the legs can straddle a full pallet and pick the pallet up off the ground
  • Fork over units are used for skid lifting and are ideal for users who use skids instead of pallets such as the printing industry
    • Suitable for limited applications since the legs do not go around the pallet

Warequip offers walkie stackers for applications in small factories as well as larger warehouses. All units are covered by a full 12-month warranty.

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