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New stock trolleys provide more flexibility on the factory floor

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article image Prestar Worktainer stock trolley

Warequip introduces a new range of stock trolleys that combine quality, versatility, performance and usability to provide greater flexibility on the factory floor.

Made in Japan, the Prestar Worktainer stock trolleys allow transport of a large number of items, and can be conveniently nested when not in use. 

Ideal for use in most businesses from road transport and warehousing to hospital loading docks, the Worktainers feature a plastic base plate to significantly reduce noise by as much as 5db during use, or when folding and setting up. The plastic base also makes the unit lightweight for easy operation while allowing an increased volume of goods to be loaded onto the trolley.

The finish on the Worktainer stock trolleys ensures excellent rust prevention and weathering performance even in harsh environments, and includes a double coating of cation electro-deposition and TGIC for superior anti-rust performance as well as strength, cleanliness, appearance and durability. The TGIC powder coating provides strength up to 10 times higher than a melamine baked finish resulting in minimal degradation of gloss, even in outdoor use.

The Worktainer stock trolleys use technology from hand trucks to feature casters equipped with high quality bearings, helping to achieve quiet and smooth transportation. A wide variety of casters including swivel, fixed and pedal brake casters can be combined to achieve the desired movement.

Worktainer stock trolleys are available in a wide range of models and sizes with choice of doors, adjustable shelving, locks and security tops to suit specific applications. 

All Worktainer stock trolleys are backed by a 5-year Prestar warranty.

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