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Nemesis checkweighers from Ward Materials Handling Solutions

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New to Australia, Nemesis checkweighers offer European quality with high accuracy, and high speeds across a wide range of products and weights.

Ward Materials Handling Solutions  has been appointed official agents for Australia and New Zealand.

A choice of seven machines will accurately check contents as light as 5 grams, up to bulk product as heavy as 30 kg to an accuracy down to 0.1g for the small capacity checkweighers.

Throughput may be as fast as 270 packs per minute, ejecting metal contaminated or wrong weight product without interruption to line speed. In Europe, the build quality and accuracy of Nemesis systems makes them a favourite of the pharmaceutical industry. Meat and produce packers opt for the reliability and productivity of Nemesis automated weigh-price labelling.

Nemesis will complement Ward Materials Handling Solutions’ Australian made checkweighers.

The Nemesis checkweighers are suitable for trays, jars, packets, cans and cartons, automatically ejecting suspect packs and logging all events. The Nemesis checkweighers can stand alone or integrate with automated lines via touchscreen control.

Up to 100 product specifications can be stored onboard, for automatic resetting of changeovers.

Statistics management allows trace and tracking by lot, product and single pack.

Modular and compact design facilitates retrofitting. Other standard features include automatic zeroing, autocalibration, auto-feedback and automatic shutdown of system to help reduce maintenance costs and extend working life.

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