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Environment friendly floodlights from Walter Wadey

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Walter Wadey  provides the Mining and Adverse Conditions Lighting range. This range includes Handilux a 316 stainless steel IP66 luminaire, Decalux 316 stainless steel low mounting luminaire broad spread lighting suitable for commercial and industrial applications.

Prismlux stainless steel very low mounting height bulkhead with high intensity discharge light sources. Wadco Lighting also provide Optilux and Betalux a broad spectrum luminiare with very low profile made of Stainless Steel for low mounting height ideal for industrial and commercial applications.

Walter Wadey has recently brought out a new Eco-Flood light pollution control outdoor flood light. The Eco-Flood optical system from Wadco Lighting has been granted Australian and World Patents. The Eco-Flood is a traditional anti-glare cut-off together with a complex reflector, efficiently prevents upward waste and directs light usefully to a work plane.

The environmentally friendly floodlight Eco-flood, from Walter Wadey, comes with an obtrusive spill lighting control comes in 250 watts to 400 watts (Integral Control Gear) and 1000 watts to 2000 watts (Remote Control Gear) with fabricated stainless steel or cast aluminium.

Walter Wadey also markets Polarising panels utilised in commercial fluorescent fixtures of renowned brands to improve colour saturation, visibility, and texture rendition by reducing reflected glare and veiling. Walter Wadey offers free cost evaluation, computerised design, and engineering support services to consulting engineers, architects and clients.

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