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Energy saving, high intensity discharge luminaries from Wadco Lighting

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Walter Wadey , trading as Wadco Lighting, provides energy saving High Intensity Discharge (H.I.D.) industrial and commercial luminaires, ranging from low bay to high bay applications. The Wadco range of luminaires is manufactured in accordance with international standards and includes Mining General Lighting, Adverse Conditions Lighting, Environmental Floodlighting and Food Processing Industry Lighting.

The Wadco trademark of Walter Wadey is renowned in energy saving lighting systems. Walter Wadey’s progressive development and research ensure that new design concepts and optical performance are integrated into Wadco Lighting products to provide good energy conservation and lighting efficiency in order to offer complete satisfaction to the customers.

Wadco Lighting’s wide range of luminares products includes ultralux, metrolux, rondalume, ultralux junior, prismlux, handilux, higlow, astrolux, lumalens 18, combolux, starglow, betalux, wallstar, watchdog and opalume.

Wadco Lighting’s the ultralux is a low-leveled or suspended lighting for commercial, retail and industrial applications. Ultralux’s technical edge is gained by using good optical features utilising reflectors and refractors and that are designed to provide maximum efficiency while controlling glare, mainly at low mounting heights.

Ultralux is utilised in commercial showrooms, retail stores, food processing plants, aircraft hangers, industrial workshops and process buildings, commercial warehouse, distribution centres, indoor sporting facilities and multi-purpose auditoriums.

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