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Indexable inserts for steel turning by Walter

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Tigertec Steel, the new Walter AG indexable inserts for steel turning that many customers have been waiting for.

According to Walter, the new cutting tool material was finalised in February 2005.

Using a new carbide substrate and a special multi-layer coating, the Tübingen-based tool manufacturer has been able to repeat the benefits of the famous Tigertec inserts for cast iron turning into those for steel turning.

Benefits for the customer: Increase in tool life, productivity and improved process security.

Tigertec Steel, which is available in three different cutting materials (Walter grades WPP10, WPP20, WPP30) and eight different ISO insert shapes negative basic shape, is recommended for roughing and finishing all types of current steels from unalloyed structural steels to high-alloyed tool steels.

In combination with a cutting edge geometry specially designed for steel machining, this ideal insert is available for every application.

In contrast to the black-gold coloured inserts for cast iron, the colour of Tigertec Steel is changed, thus giving the user the possibility to tell the inserts apart at a glance.

The Tigertec Steel features a gold-coloured clearance face and a grey rake face. According to Walter, It can be assumed that Tigertec STEEL meets the same great success as the Tigertec for cast iron. The demand for Tigertec cast iron has increased by a factor of 5 since its market launch in 2001.

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