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High-performance face milling cutter

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WALTER-Speedmax has presented a new range of tools under the Xtra-tec trade mark, including the new type F 4033 face milling cutter which can increase productivity by up to 100% in comparison with conventional tools.

The F 4033 cutter is fitted with double-sided square inserts having eight effective cutting edges. This, in turn, considerably reduces the cost per cutting edge.

With its neutral shape, the indexable inserts fit both in right and left-hand cutting tools.

The basic shape and the insert seat feature a negative geometry that provides extremely high stability and therefore high operational security.

The cutting angle is highly positive due to the sintered-in chip grooves. The geometry of inserts combined with the new cutting materials permit maximum cutting data, even on low-powered machines.

Cutters within the diameter range 40 - 160mm are fitted with the appropriate number of teeth for the machining of steel, cast iron and NF metals. As a holding system, Walter offers the patented ScewFit system or the bore fixture for standard adaptors.

The F 4033 cutter is recommended to companies that have to machine a great variety of different workpieces, and therefore require a flexible tool system, as well as to mass producers where high productivity is of prime importance.

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