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Face milling cutters available from Walter

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Based on the great success achieved with Xtra.tec F4033 face milling cutters, Walter AG has continued to widen the tool concept by the addition of two other face milling cutters, types F4047 and F4048.

The new cutters particularly excel in producing deep depths of cut. The F4047 cutters features an approach angle of 75 degrees; the F4048 features an approach angle of 88 degrees (F4033 = 45 degrees).

The steeper the approach of the inserts the deeper the maximum achievable depth of cut would be. The F4047 cutter can reach a depth of cut of about 8 mm, while the F4048 is able to reach a depth of cut of about 11 mm (F4033 = 6 mm).

In addition, another welcome side effect of the large approach angle is the fact that the cutting force is deviated in a radial direction, which generally improves process reliability.

The force in the axial direction is clearly reduced with the F4047 cutter it is reduced by about 70% and with the F4048 is reduced by more than 90%.

Therefore, the risk of deformation and/or chattering is diminished which is particularly important when machining thin-walled work-pieces.

Due to these special features, the two cutters are especially recommended for applications where either the number of operations should be minimised or which feature poor clamping conditions. Frequently, both circumstances coincide.

Designed as close pitch milling cutters, F4047 and F4048 are especially suited for machining cast materials.

Like the tried and tested F4033 type, the new face milling cutters are fitted with cost-effective 8-edged indexable inserts.

The inserts feature high-positive cutting edges, thus enabling soft cutting action.

Another cost saving effect is achieved by the application of system inserts with corner radius which can be used for every approach angle (45, 75 and 88 degrees).

With respect to special finishing operations, Walter provides the suitable finishing inserts with secondary cutting edge for each approach angle.

All the indexable inserts are available in Tiger.tec cutting tool grades WAK15, WKP25 and WKP35; the WKP grades are specially recommended for cast materials with steel-like characteristcs, e.g. nodular graphite cast iron.

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