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CNC grinding machine with linear motors

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WALTER-Speedmax claims productivity increases as high as 50 per cent with its newly developed Helitronic Vision CNC grinding machine for rotationally symmetrical carbide or HSS tools ranging from 3 - 32mm in diameter - and all with increased levels of accuracy and improved surface qualities.

All its five CNC axes - both rotary axes C and A and also linear axes X, Y and Z - are fitted with direct drive systems.

The linear motors permit traversing speeds of up to 50m/min and extremely high positioning accuracy. The mineral casting machine bed is characterised by its excellent damping qualities and minimal expansion resulting from temperature fluctuations.

The patent-protected gantry design combined with the use of mineral casting for the bed facilitates optimum machine rigidity.

The sum total of the machine's gantry design, the use of mineral casting for the machine bed and linear motors on every axis means that machining is now possible at substantially higher feed rates - coupled with improved quality and extension of the grinding wheel service life by the factor 2.

The new control system HMC 600, with its XP operating system, comes with a 2.4GHz processor (Pentium 4) for maximum computing output and a TFT 15" touch screen to ensure optimum ease of operation.

The control panel is specifically tailored to the needs of the grinding machine. The new software generation Helitronic Tool Studio permits unrestricted operation alongside machine uptime.

The Helitronic Vision CNC grinding machine can be fitted with a pallet loader mounted to the side of the machine. With capacity for several hundred workpieces, this feature opens the door for unmanned multiple-shift operation.

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