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Condenser tube expanders and tube cleaning equipment from Waltan Australia

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Waltan Australia  provides tool services and calibration programmes. Waltan Australia also manufactures special sockets and offers consumable consignment systems and turn key assembly solutions.

Waltan Australia's main focus has been on the servicing and selling of Air and Industrial Tools in the market place. In recent times, Waltan Australia has expanded into projects and automation through the appointment of an experienced mechanical engineer.

Waltan Australia provides air tools and equipment, torque tools and equipment, pipe tools and equipment as well as construction equipment. Waltan Australia’s air tools and equipment includes Airetool condenser tube expanders and tube cleaning equipment.

Waltan Australia’s Airetool condenser tube expanders G series comes in different sizes. Special expanders are also available like Diesel engine expanders suitable for installing fuel injector sleeves, Collins expanders for expanding in very thin tube sheets, SR expanders used for expanding where fitting a long mandrel is not possible, Step Rolling expanders utilised for very thick tube sheets and Linsen expanders for making soldered joint flares.

Waltan Australia in the tube expanders and tube cleaning equipment also offers tube rolling controls, hydraulic tube pullers, boiler tube expanders, electric rolling systems and tube cleaners. Waltan Australia’s Tube cleaner range includes TS-100 tube shooter and shaft driven cleaners.

TS-100 tube shooter is designed to remove mud, slime, shells and algae that minimises the condenser efficiency and shaft driven cleaners are ideal for cleaning stubborn tube deposits from the heat exchanger tubes.

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