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X-ray offers safety and security

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article image Anritsu inspection system -- peace of mind for companies.

ANRITSU's X-ray inspection system, available from Walls Machinery , offers high detection sensitivity of foreign material in packaged food down to just 0.3mm diameter.

With a small footprint - the same as that of a standard Anritsu metal detector - the new machine can detect non-metallic contaminants such as bone, shell, stone, glass, rubber and plastic, as well as those objects picked up by normal metal detectors.

The machine is unaffected by aluminium foil packaging, the salinity or temperature of the product, thus suiting a variety of applications.

Simple operation and set-up, as well as easy-cleaning, are key features of the Anritsu X-ray inspection system. An interactive system utilising a user-friendly Windows-based touch panel, enables easy operation of the machine.

Walls Machinery general manager Rob Lawrence said the machine offered companies peace of mind through high detection sensitivity, reliability and security for the end user.

Walls Machinery is fully licensed to sell, operate and maintain X-ray equipment. The X-ray inspection system fully conforms to HACCP food safety standards and has been ISO 9001 certified.

Since July 2000, more than 1000 X-ray machines have been sold within a variety of industries including; bakery, pharmaceutical, dairy, meat, confectionery and snack foods.

Featuring total safety interlock, the Anritsu X-ray inspection system can be combined with check weighers and reject units. Removable components make the unit very easy to clean.

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