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Walls Machinery Introduces Low Cost Camera Sensors for Cap Inspection

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CapVu camera sensors manufactured by Teledyne TapTone and available in Australia and New Zealand through Walls Machinery are non-contact inspection sensors designed to detect missing caps, high caps, cocked or tilted caps as well as missing tamper rings.  

Teledyne TapTone is a leading manufacturer of package inspection systems for the food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.  

CapVu camera sensors are low cost vision sensors designed for cap inspection.  

CapVu sensors are high speed camera sensors that are suitable for accurate cap and closure inspection. The CapVu sensor incorporates a high speed digital camera and LED backlight housed in a stainless steel enclosure.  

The sensor mounts on a variable height stand that is cantilevered over the customer’s existing conveyor eliminating the need for conveyor modifications. The camera sensors are easily operated using a colour touch screen, icon-driven menus and a USB port to download images.  

CapVu camera sensors offer several advantages for customers over traditional cap inspection sensors and other vision systems:

  • Higher accuracy than traditional bifurcated or thru-beam sensors
  • High speed digital camera and software capable of analysing closures at extremely high speeds
  • Fraction of the cost of full vision systems ensuring access for many production lines to affordable vision technology

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