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Tube filling and cartoning machine

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article image The Nordenmatic 2002S -- state-of-the-art.

THE Nordenmatic 2002S/Nordenpac 2002S is Norden Pac’s latest cost-effective filling and cartoning line, now available from Walls Machinery .

Combining both modern design and state-of-the-art technology, the equipment provides advanced security and efficient production.

High levels of automation provide a safe and user-friendly environment, with all settings entered through the touch screen control panel.

Other Norden innovations, including the robotic tube infeed, hot air sealing and oval tube transport chain, are fully compatible with the NM2002S.

The pump cleaning systems have been designed specifically to facility high security levels during the sterilisation process.

The use of servo motors for all major machine functions provides fast changeover and automatic adjustment of the filling pumps and sealing unit.

Additionally, they ensure smooth, quiet and vibration-free operation, providing the minimum machine downtime, low maintenance cost and machine longevity. The sealing unit is completely enclosed by a stainless steel cover.

The new "balcony-type" design of the NP2002S cartoner offers good accessibility. The doors covering the table are manufactured from plexi glass, providing excellent visibility of all machine operations.

The design has an ergonomic working height and the sides are completely covered, thereby facilitating easy-cleaning and maintenance. Many functions previously offered as options are standard on this new cartoner, including automatic changeover of the product pockets.

A Pick-and-Place unit transfers the tubes from the tube filling machine directly into the pockets of the cartoning machine. This system ensures positive control of the tubes during the transfer movement.

The overall line footprint is minimised as no extra conveyors are required between the two machines.

The servo system provides electrical synchronisation between the filler and the cartoner. Electrical synchronisation is faster and more reliable than traditional mechanical synchronisation.

Other advantages of an "electrical shaft" are that the synchronisation during normal operation is more accurate and easier to monitor and control.

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