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Retort pouch machine for meat meal in a bag

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WALLS Machinery ’s retort pouch machine is a viable packaging system to pack lamb shanks with sauce in a retort pouch.

This technology enables a “meat meal in a bag” that requires no refrigeration and only has to be heated in a microwave oven.

Toyo Jidoki’s TT8C retort machine, available from Walls Machinery is used to open the pouch, insert the meat, add sauce and close the pouch with a steam injection.

Operating at up to 60 cycles per minute, the 460g pouches are loaded onto trolleys and cooked in batches of 2000. This is a fully-automated process and portion are controlled by the Anritsu multi-head weigher.

The Anritsu weigher uses a cone that distributes partially cooked meat and vegetable mix to eight weigh-buckets. The machine delivers the mix with an accuracy of ±5g at a rate of 35 lots per minute, and this is distributed directly into an open pouch on the Toyo Jidoki which subsequently adds the sauce and seals the pouch prior to retorting.

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