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Pressurised bottles inspection system

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THE TapTone Division of Benthos, represented by Walls Machinery , has introduced a breakthrough inspection system for pressurised bottles and cans.

LN2-dosed and carbonated beverage containers that are properly pressurised typically have a firm sidewall when sealed.

A loss of pressure corresponds directly with the tension of the sidewall but may be impossible to see or feel - until it reaches the consumer.

The T500-F force sensor option inspects passing containers at production line speeds by profiling the tension of the sidewall to determine internal pressure.

By comparing these results to that of a known good container, the T500-F force sensor will identify containers with a loss of pressure and reject them from the production line.

The TapTone 500-F is a high speed, on-line, multiple sensor inspection system for leak detection and fill level verification.

In addition to the force sensor option, the TapTone 500 control platform will accommodate up to 10 different inspections to meet numerous requirements.

By incorporating different sensors, the system will detect leaking containers, improper fill level, low pressure, defective or missing closures, missing labels, missing seals and other defective containers.

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