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OctoMATION Robotic Workforce available from Walls Machinery

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article image The octoMATION Robotic Workforce uses patented vision and gripping technology

Developed by vision guided robotics systems provider Adept Technologies, and available in Australia from Walls Machinery , the octoMATION Robotic Workforce uses vision technology to locate product on the band so it is possible for them to lay randomly without requiring human alignment.

Until now, gripping and loading a difficult or irregular product has been a human skill which no machine has been able to copy. With the octoMATION Robotic Workforce, even demanding loading or packing jobs that are difficult to handle are executed with accuracy thanks to the octoGRIPPER, which is specifically developed for each company.

Inspired by the movements of jellyfish and the suction cups of the octopus, Adept Technology's octoGRIPPER usses unique gripping technology to enable the grippers to shape themselves around the item, and are able to move even very fragile products without destroying or deforming them.

Through innovative vision, gripping, and robot technology; the goal of the octoMATION Robotic Workforce is to give companies the most optimal and profitable production by using a robotic
labour force.

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