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New release of packaging machines

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SANDIACRE Packaging Machinery and Rose Forgrove, both part of Molins Packaging Machinery (MPM), and represented by Walls Machinery , are releasing new machines.

Sandiacre is releasing the TG250-RC continuous motion vertical form/fill/seal machine and Rose Forgrove is releasing a high speed version of the Integra PC Flowpak flow wrapper.

Sandiacre’s TG250-RC has a radically reduced footprint compared to earlier models, making it suited to environments where space is at a premium . The reduced the number of parts simplifies maintenance leading to lower costs.

New concepts in routine change parts make the machine easier to use, save operator's time and result in increased machine output. It has improved all round accessibility, making it safer to operate and reducing the times required to carry out routine operational tasks.

The TG250-RC has been designed with market versatility in mind. Sporting the usual extensive range of optional equipment, it is ideal for the confectionery, fresh and frozen produce and snack food sectors but will also appeal to applications across many other market sectors.

As an example of throughput, the TG250-RC can produce standard pillow packs 150mm long at speeds in the region of 160 packs per minute, depending on product flow, film characteristics and pack weight. The machine can accommodate a maximum pack width of 250mm.

The reciprocating jaw motion delivers constant film speed, leading to better back and cross seals, consistent bag length, and reduced strain on the film. Both polyethylene and heatsealable materials are readily accommodated, with either hot air or rotary band back seals being employed for the vertical seal.

Sandiacre Packaging Machinery have also developed a dual heat version of its entry level TG250-LE intermittent motion vertical form/fill/seal machine. Equipped with Allen Bradley's sophisticated, industry hardened CompactLogix control system and PanelView Plus 400 human/machine interface (HMI), this machine is capable of producing packs in heatsealable and polyethylene-based materials.

Rose Forgrove’s has released a high-speed version of the Integra PC Flowpak flow wrapper. Typically, throughput speeds of 150 units a minute will be achievable at pack sizes of 160mm long. This will be of great benefit to many sectors of the of packaging industry. The combination of excellent seal integrity and high product throughput will be especially appealing to those involved in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).

The fully stainless steel Integra is hygienic, robust and easy to use, featuring durable build quality, easy cleaning and operator friendly control interface.

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