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New poultry bone detectors and inspection systems released for food manufacturing

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article image Anritsu X-ray inspection system

Walls Machinery presents some of the latest X-ray inspection systems from global brand Anritsu for the world’s leading poultry processors.

Choosing the best inspection system is critical to meeting strict food quality standards. Available in Australia and New Zealand from Walls Machinery, Anritsu specialises in X-ray inspection systems for poultry processing, providing automatic detection of bone material, metal, wire, glass, stone and rubber.

Anritsu’s X-ray inspection systems can be delivered in both belt driven and pipeline type operations.

Dual X Dual Energy X-ray inspection system 

Offering superior performance in terms of detection accuracy, ease of use and reliability, the Dual X system goes beyond bone and metal detection to various other dangerous foreign matter of organic or non-organic origin in a high-speed production environment. 

Key features of the Dual X X-ray inspection system include ability to analyse two different X-ray energy signals, distinguishing between the products being processed and contaminants to enable a higher detection rate of low-density items; enhanced sensitivity to allow detection of items such as wishbones, fan bones and scapula bones at levels previously unattainable in conventional designs of inspection equipment; and suitability for inspection of deboned meat products by performing reliable inspection of overlapping and randomly oriented meat products without any negative effects.

Pipe-Type X-ray inspection system

The pipe-type X-ray inspection system from Anritsu is designed to optimise contaminant detection in pumpable products, especially with poultry trim and first-grind meat.

Key features of this X-ray inspection system include detection of bone, metal, glass, stone and other material; detection of poultry bone particles as small as 2mm in size, along with stainless steel particles as small as 0.5mm; and pre-set memory capability to handle up to 100 separate recipes, making it highly versatile for processing a variety of different products.

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