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Metal detector for aluminium-wrapped products

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article image Features magnetoreflection technology.

ANRITSU’S M-Series Metal Detector detects metallic foreign substances within aluminium-wrapped products as small as 0.9 in diameter and 2mm in length.

While it was difficult to detect stainless steel contaminants and metal wires with earlier metal detectors, the M-Series Metal Detector has a high-sensitivity detection of stainless steel and can detect these contaminants regardless of their shape or direction.

Through the process of magnetoreflection technology, the metallic foreign substances are magnetised, while the detection head measures the amount of magnetisation and identifies what kind of metallic substances are contained in the product.

The detection process is not affected by the aluminium wrapper or by the state of the product itself.

Ideal for aluminium wrapped products such as chocolate, gum, retort pouch products and soups, the M-Series Metal Detector is also insusceptible to water and salt contents and can be used on frozen and high-salinity products.

The M-Series Metal Detector is available from Walls Machinery Pty Ltd .

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