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Mengibar fillers from Walls Machinery

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Mengibar fillers from Walls Machinery are used around the world by leading multinationals in the household, personal care, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Mengibar include in its fillers filling systems that operate according to the main characteristics of each product and project. These can be divided into three categories:

Magnetic flow meters
Mechanical dosing

Mass flow meters


This is determined by laboratory testing which will calculate which type of filling system is the most appropriate together with the number of filling heads necessary to complete the task.

Their 360 degree integrated design means that there is no need to assemble collecting trays, pipes and hoses and they also adjust automatically to accommodate different types of containers and caps. They are extremely suited to products with differing viscosities and foaminess which will not affect production capacities in any way.

These fillers are currently be used in a huge variety of industrial applications. These include:

Personal care
Shampoos, conditioners, lotions, make-up, stick deodorants and creams.

Detergents, floor cleaners, bleaches, paints, glues and fabric softeners.

Mayonnaise, marmalade, vinegar, honey, mustard and sauces.

Tooth paste, antibiotics, serums, nasal sprays, mouth washes and rinsing water.

Mineral oils, lubricants, engine additives, brake liquids and window cleaners.

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