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Freemantle tray erectors from Walls Machinery work in the following way. The machine is loaded with flat blanks and selects a flat blank either automatically or on demand and applies hot melt glue to each of its four corners. The flat glued blank is then passed through a mould and deposited out of the bottom of the machine onto a conveyor belt or chute.

The tray erectors have a full safety interlock system which allows the operator easy and safe access to the machine at all times. They can be used with a wide range of adhesives and carton materials, tray shapes and styles and to change sizes is a simple and straightforward operation.

Their construction comprises mostly stainless steel and aluminium and the sealed for life gearbox and bearings throughout decreases the need for routine maintenance. Freemantle tray erectors have been built to comply with stringent quality control procedures and measure 500 mm long x 500 mm wide x 100 mm tall.

They have easy to understand and operate controls and are also available in a choice of options and specifications to suit individual client requirements.

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