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Fast new tube filling line

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article image NM5002S/NP5002S tube filling line.

NORDEN, represented by Walls Machinery , has released a new tube filling line, the NM5002S/NP5002S line.

The NM5002S is a five-head filler with a maximum output of 500 tubes per minute. It is suitable for both plastic and laminated tubes with diameters ranging 19 to 38mm.

Two robots synchronised with each other feed the tubes to the machine. Several functions in the tube filler are servo-driven and the machine is prepared for two or three colour co-extrusion filling.

A servo-driven pick and place unit takes five tubes at a time by the cap first and delivers them to the NP5002S cartoner. The servo-driven main motors of the two machines are synchronised by an "electric shaft".

The NP5002S is capable of changeovers between carton sizes within ten minutes thanks to servomotors and digital counters. The use of servo motors allows settings to be pre-programmed into the control system making the changeover operation repeatable, reliable and simple for operators.

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