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Arpac’s shrink wrappers now complement tray packers for shelf ready versatility

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Arpac’s new development program for its shrink wrappers aims to ensure greater versatility, compactness and user-friendliness in its systems.

The new technology challenges current shelf ready packaging designs with Arpac combining its well proven shrink wrapping technology with a wide variety of automatic tray packing machines.

Arpac’s program is a result of feedback received from customers about the challenges to produce different packaging styles to create competitive advantage or new shelf appeal while simultaneously cutting costs and operating ever more complex machinery with untrained or temporary staff.  

Arpac decided to come up with systems and machine combinations that would help customers deal with these new demands.  

Arpac has used its experience in case and tray packing to ensure the designs of its shrink wrappers complement a wide range of tray packing machines. The aim of this program is to provide the ultimate shelf-ready pack in terms of low cost, efficient shelf utilisation and strong transit performance, giving customers greater freedom in automating and reducing costs.  

Tony Hacker, General Manager of Arpac Europe explains it is erroneous to assume that a fully enclosed corrugated pack is still required when replacing a standard case with a shelf-ready format because a tray with shrink wrap is often perfectly acceptable and available at a lower cost.  

Arpac’s machines are designed for the controls to be interconnected easily with other machines allowing the customer to run the tray packer and shrink wrapper separately or as one system.  

Arpac can go further by capturing warning signals, status signals and production information from upstream and downstream machines, and feed the data to a central computer system either on a pull or push system.  

Thanks to Arpac’s program, the customer gets the flexibility of a modular system with the productivity of a combined system that produces shelf-ready packs using a mix of corrugated and shrink, thereby delivering low production and packaging costs.  

Arpac’s 708 shrink wrappers, for instance can accept two inputs from two separate tray packers, saving the space and cost of a second shrink wrapper.  

Arpac and Walls Machinery believe that the provision of this kind of technology will encourage customers to review their current shelf-ready packaging designs to assess whether a combination corrugated tray with shrink wrap might be a more cost-effective solution than conventional two-piece corrugated packaging.  

Arpac’s shrink wrappers are available in Australia and New Zealand through Walls Machinery .

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