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Anritsu x-ray inspection system

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PROVIDING safe food products to consumers is the number one priority for food manufacturers.

Walls Machinery offers the ultimate solution in food safety and reliability with the Anritsu X-ray Inspection System.

Using advanced sensor technology and unique image processing technology, the Anritsu X-Ray Inspection System can detect extremely small contaminants such as ferrous and non-ferrous materials down to 0.3mm diameter as well as non-metallic contaminants including bone, shell, stone, glass, rubber and plastic.

With a high sensitivity for wet product, frozen product and aluminium packed products, the machine is suitable for a variety of applications.

The machine also features a missing product detecting function that detects any missing product in food packaging as well as broken product while simultaneously checking for contaminants in the food.

The masking function will mask items that shouldn't be detected such as metal clips or containers, which are part of the product's packaging, while at the same time checking for any missing clips that are used to seal products such as sausage and cheese.

Made of clean and hygienic stainless steel for easy cleaning and maintenance, the x-ray inspection system can be used for meat, retort, frozen food, pre-packaged meals and confectionery.

The LCD 15" touch screen provides for easy operation and uses a user-friendly Windows operating system, while the unified image monitoring and operation screen captures and magnifies images to detect any finer contaminants in food and product packaging.

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