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Peristaltic chemical metering pumps

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WALLACE & Tiernan has announced its new DOSATOR VPP and VPP-E peristaltic chemical metering pumps in Australasia.

Peristaltic pumps are particularly useful for low volume chemical dosing in low pressure applications where the ability of the pump to self prime is critical.

The DOSATOR VPP and VPP-E offer the market a range of peristaltic pumps for demanding chemical metering applications with a dosing pressure up to 1.5 bar.

In a wide variety of duties including potable, aquatic and cooling tower applications, as well as in laboratories and the food processing industry, this series provides a well suited output capability of between 15mL/h and 4L/h combined with excellent accuracy, repeatability and chemical resistance.

The new microprocessor-controlled DOSATOR series pumps feature a rotating positive displacement system driven by dc motors with additional torque availability and speed control.

Designed for metering liquids and aggressive media, they are characterised by their compact and user-friendly design. High quality materials of construction and components - for example, a gearbox with double bearings - ensure a long service life.

Another feature of these pumps is their closed loop speed control. This means that the rotor speed and, as a result, the feed rate, is maintained exactly at the preset value, independent of the condition of the hose, viscosity, suction height and variations in temperature, mains voltage and pressure within the specific range.

Due to their low noise level and IP65 enclosure, the DOSATOR VPP/VPP-E series are suited to laboratories and humid ambient conditions.

Both the VPP and VPP-E models are capable of being controlled by on/off or time-based proportional on/off control methods and both feature an integral dosage rate potentiometer.

The DOSATOR VPP-E also has the ability to be controlled by a volt-free input or by a 4-20mA proportional input.

Another feature of this model is the optional connection of a dip tube with an integral 'tank empty' probe. The tank empty signal gives an LED warning indication on the fascia of the unit and this can be transmitted via a volt-free relay contact.

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