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On-line process turbidity measurement

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article image TMS 561 Turbidimeter for continuous on-line turbidity measurement.

WALLACE & Tiernan ’s TMS 561 Turbidimeter is designed for continuous on-line turbidity measurement in filtered water or raw water.

It is suitable for use in municipal and industrial water treatment plants as well as final effluent in wastewater applications.

Available with either a white light or IR light source the TMS 561 is suited to reporting results under international standards.

The unit features two auto measurement ranges (0.10-10NTU and 10-1000NTU) and a fast response time. It offers a 4-20mA output and two configurable alarm relays.

Designed as a compact one-piece unit, the Turbidimeter has a IP66 enclosure and user-friendly, menu-driven electronics.

An RS485 interface is available as an option, as is a data package that allows up to 255 turbimeters to be networked.

The unit's optics are not in contact with the sample, protecting the detector from fouling.

Removable sample cuvettes mean that no tubing disconnection is required when cleaning or calibrating and sealed calibration standards eliminate errors and simplify calibration.

Other innovative features assure the simple and reliable long-term operation of the TMS 561, for example, the white light source (US EPA Standard) consists of an advanced, krypton filled white light technology with a lamp life of 7 years.

Infrared light (ISO Standard) lamp life expectancy is up to 11 years and is recommended for wastewater final effluent and industrial applications where colour is present in the sample stream.

Light is measured by two sensors arranged at an angle of 90°.

A replaceable, desiccant pack, assisted by a circulation fan and warmth from within the system, dries the air around the sample cuvette to eliminate condensation. An alarm indicates when the desiccant needs to be replenished.

The optical chamber of the TMS 561 Turbidimeter eliminates air bubbles in the sample and simultaneously creates its own vortex, self cleaning action.

The calibration procedure is menu prompted on the LCD display and is quick and easy to follow.

The TMS 561 Turbidimeter is a simple and reliable system that achieves accurate results in a range of applications.

The unit is fully supported in Australasia by Wallace & Tiernan and their authorised agents throughout the region.

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