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Membrane sensors for multi-function analysers

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WALLACE & Tiernan have released a new range of membrane type sensors, to add to their existing range of 2-electrode and 3-electrode amperometric probes, for use with the DEPOLOX range of analysers/controllers and the latest single channel Wallace & Tiernan Multi-Function Analysers (MFA).

The new sensors uses technology similar to standard W&T amperometric probes but have several advantages. Due to the nature of the membrane design, it is possible to build on the benefits of the standard probes making them virtually independent of changes in the pH value. Also, the ability to manufacture a selective function into a probe eliminates any interference from other substances (for example ozone or chlorine dioxide) in a free chlorine or total chlorine measurement. The membranes can be manufactured to enable sampling of specific chemicals as well as chlorine if required, and are therefore well suited to use with the Wallace & Tiernan 'MFA' range of analysers.

Membrane-type electrodes are best suited to potable water applications. For other applications, such as wastewater and industrial, standard Wallace & Tiernan amperometric probes or redox (HRR/ORP) probes should be used. Customers should speak to their Sales Engineer or Service Technician about choice of the correct W&T probe for their analyser or controller.

Wallace & Tiernan recently celebrated their 90th Anniversary since inventing the original Gas Chlorinator.

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