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Liquid chemical feed water treatment system

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article image LVN-2000 liquid chemical feed system.

WALLACE & Tiernan ’s latest product is a packaged plant, called the LVN-2000 Chemical Feed System.

The product was designed to feed sodium bisulphite and sodium hypochlorite in water treatment applications.

The Wallace & Tiernan LVN-2000 can handle the majority of chemicals used in water and wastewater treatment processes. It is suitable for solutions such as sodium hypochlorite, which have a tendency to 'out-gas' and cause loss of feed with some metering pumps.

The LVN-2000 uses a vacuum source, such as a venturi injector or a Water Champ induction mixer, to draw the chemical from the storage tank to the point of application.

Utilising Wallace & Tiernan's V-notch control valve, reliable chemical feed rates can be precisely maintained under manual and automatic control schemes using Wallace & Tiernan SCU or PCU controllers.

A differential regulating valve maintains proper vacuum differential across the V-notch valve orifice regardless of changes in the chemical tank level and/or variations in the injector vacuum.

A flowmeter provides an accurate indication of the feed rate with a percentage or direct reading L/hr scale. An optional high/low alarm is available on high capacity systems.

LVN-2000 equipment is packaged on a purpose designed, compact, wall mount panel that includes a front protection cover.

The LVN-2000 chemical feed system can be set to perform a variety of disinfection or dechlorination control functions based on flow and chlorine/sulphite residual inputs using a choice of available Wallace & Tiernan controllers. As a result, sodium hypochlorite or sodium bisulphate dosing is accurate, consistent and reliable.

There are several installation modes: either in-line using a booster pump to draw off a side stream flow for a vacuum injector and return it back in to the main line; an in-line Water Champ installed directly in the main line; or a submersible Water Champ suspended in the open trough for an open flow wastewater treatment channel.

The typical Water Champ chemical induction unit comprises of a motor driven open propeller which creates a vacuum in the chamber directly above to draw chemical through from the V-notch chemical feeder.

Useful where there is a danger of scale build-up, the Water Champ induction system provides a near perfect, instantaneous mix of chemical into a large bulk or flow of water.

The Water Champ can be effective where limited plant space is available. It enables the provision of tighter control loops and delivers energy and chemical cost savings.

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