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Walker Filtration’s range of vacuum pump protection and exhaust filters available

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Walker Filtration offer a full range of vacuum pump protection and exhaust filters with connection sizes from ¼” to 3” BSP. Walker Filtration threaded range covers popular sizes of vacuum pumps with flow rates up to 550 Nm3/hr (325 scfm) with its flanged range covering larger requirements. With a vacuum rating of 0.1 Torr the vacuum pumps are suitable for both rough and high vacuum applications.

There are 2 distinct grades within the pump protection range, the 5 micron VLR grade is designed for bulk liquid and high contamination removal to prevent liquid contamination to rotating parts. The high efficiency, 1 micron VX1 grade is designed to remove fine particulate matter, which may damage the pump or process application. The pump exhaust range offers three types of filters, the EF range uses a high performance coalescing filter element designed to remove oil mist from pumps which do not have internal oil separators.

The EFC range is a two stage filter designed for total oil mist and oil odour removal by using a high performance coalescer with a second stage activated carbon filter. The Odasorb, OS range is particularly designed for use with rotary vane pumps with internal oil separation. This filter element with internal threaded connection and high performance activated carbon media can be fitted directly to the pump outlet and is therefore ideally suited to applications where space is restricted.

Manufactured from die-cast aluminium, these filters are now electrophoretically coated internally and as such carry our 10 year guarantee against internal corrosion. The filter housings incorporate the unique Walker designed push on filter elements, which reduce maintenance time and allow the filters to be located in confined spaces.

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