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Walker Filtration launched Pro Dry air dryers

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Walker Filtration has launched their new Pro Dry range of small flow, twin tower, desiccant air dryers. This Pro Dry range offers 8 models covering flow rates from 6 to 66 scfm @ 7 barg. The Pro Dry dryers are suitable for operating pressures up to 16 barg and inlet air temperatures of up to 50 deg C.

The versatile Pro Dry range incorporates a unique multi-function valve block (patent pending), which combines a shuttle valve, purge valve and two exhaust valves. Multi directional ports are also a feature of the range, the cruciform manifold (patent pending) at the top of the dryer allows filters to be fitted directly to the back, front or sides of the dryer, hence, problems associated with space restrictions are a thing of the past.

Each of the two dryer towers contains a spring loaded desiccant cartridge, which reduces desiccant dusting and therefore increases the life of the desiccant bead and allows the dryer to be installed either horizontally or vertically. The cartridge is manufactured in clear plastic, which enables visible inspection of the desiccant condition.
An external dust filter downstream of the dryer is not required as all dryers in the Pro Dry range are fitted with an integral 1 micron dust filter. The removable front panel and manifold design allows for easy access when service work is required.

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