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The use of laser and electrocautery equipment to perform laser and electrosurgery has gained widespread acceptance in recent years as an effective method for certain treatments including gynaecology, neurology and urology.  However, concern continues to mount over the potential hazards of smoke and odour plumes that are produced by these types of surgery to medical staff and patients.  

Internationally, and in the UK, there are guidelines which validate the hazards relating to surgical smoke plume.  However, legislation insisting upon the use of smoke evacuation systems has not yet been implemented.  As poignantly stated by Brenda Dawes, RN, MSN, CNOR in her article, ‘Stop Smoke Campaign Begins With You’ published in November 2000, “If given a choice, preoperative nurses would not volunteer to inhale air with known levels of hazardous materials.  Perioperative nurses should not wait for regulations to be enforced.”  

Alarmingly, research studies have confirmed that surgical smoke plume contains toxic gases and vapours such as benzene, hydrogen cyanide and carcinogens.  More controversially, these airborne particles are small enough to penetrate deep within the respiratory tract posing a real threat to those exposed.  Reports indicate that headaches, nausea and airway inflammation are the most common symptoms experienced by medical staff and patients when laser and electrosurgical procedures are carried out.  Traditional surgical masks have proven virtually ineffective in protecting against surgical smoke plume due to the minute nature of the particulate matter.   

North East based filtration experts Walker Filtration Ltd recognised a requirement within the medical sector for effective smoke evacuation and developed the Laservac Laser and electrocautery product range to address the issue and protect medical staff and patients.   

With over twenty five years experience in the design and manufacture of filtration products, ‘Walker Filtration’s Laservac Laser and electrocautery equipment product range not only serves to improve the working conditions of operating staff, but also allows patients to be treated in a safer environment.   

The Laservac Laser and electrocautery machines use high efficiency three stage filtration to ensure removal of all contaminations, with each machine having the capability to remove bacteria and viral sized particles down to 0.01 micron, including odours.  

The Laservac Laser and electrocautery range has received critical acclaim within the healthcare arena with testimonials from surgeons confirming that using Laservac Laser and electrocautery machines can significantly improve the quality of air within the operating environment, as well as helping to reduce anxiety among medical staff and patients alike.  Efficiency in laser and electrosurgical procedures has also improved as surgeons can now work for longer periods of time, increasing the number of patients that can be treated each day.   

Laservac Laser and electrocautery equipment are now in use in hospitals and clinics worldwide.  It is available from Walker Filtration .

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