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Activated carbon towers available from Walker Filtrations

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article image Activated carbon towers offered by Walker Filtrations

Walker Filtration 's range of activated carbon towers, effectively remove residual oil vapours and odours from the compressed air supply found in the specialised pharmaceutical, food and beverage, electronic and hospital industries.

The use of desiccant air dryers, combined with associated pre and after filtration, removes liquid, oil and water and reduces water vapours to pressure dewpoints of -40°C and -70°C (-40°F and -100°F). Typically, oil content is reduced within these systems to levels of 0.01 mg/m³ (0.01 ppm).

Although this may be acceptable in some applications, other specific applications present more demanding requirements. When lower levels of oil removal are required,  the use of activated carbon towers will reduce the residual oil content to lower than 0.003 mg/m³ (0.003 ppm).

The MFC Activated Carbon Towers offer connection sizes from 2” to 3”.

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