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Wagss introduces protective coatings for mining and commercial industries

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If you have Steel or concrete Tanks, Floor or Conveyors needing protection against abrasion, corrosive materials including acids and alkali then Wagss  may have the answer right here.

These well tried and documented products have been used successfully in the mining and commercial industries. So why not call and find out more. Here are just a few of the products available.

Ivory 317 Hi Wear – epoxy wearing compound. This is an epoxy protective lining system containing graded ceramic fillers; it is applied by a trowel or gloved hand as a screed/mortar. Ivory 317 Hi Wear exhibits high impact and abrasion resistance and is therefore used anywhere there is mass-slurry movement e.g. chutes, pipe linings or pump casings.

Ivory 317 Hi Wear is moisture tolerant and there is no requirement for a primer, it can be applied directly onto prepared metal. It is available as standard set (touch dry in 2 hours) or as FS (fast set) Grade (touch dry in 30 minutes). It has an excellent track record in the South African mines.

Ivory 317LV Wearcote, a brushable wearing compound, is a light -weight (lighter than 317 Hi-Wear) coating used in internal applications into non/mild abrasive liquid pumps or tanks or any surface subject to erosion through corrosion or abrasion.

Ivory 338 & 338LR is a chemical resistant resin. The Ivory 338 & 338LR is a high performance epoxy resin with good resistance to acid, alkali and most solvents. It is based on Bisphenol F as opposed to Bisphenol A Resin, so has good solvent resistance (spillage only, not constant immersion).

It is a multi-purpose material that can be used as a screed, top coat or laminating resin (it can be reinforced with fibre-glass) and is designed for use in high chemical environments. It is resistant to 98% Sulphuric Acid, Xylene and Ethanol amongst others (30 day immersion tests).

Ivory 340 – epoxy coating and tank lining. Only used as a tank coating (white colour only) to protect concrete and steel surfaces against chemical corrosion by organic and inorganic acids, hydrocarbon solvents, crude oil, fresh and sea water etc. Target markets are bulk chemical storage e.g. fuel, petroleum etc (widely used in refineries such as SASOL). It is not UV Stable and should only be used in for internal applications. Ivory 340 requires specific primer systems dependent on substrate.

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