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Wagss Launches New Hydraulic Grout Pumps

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Wagss  has recently launched a new line of hydraulic grout pumps with an improved internal design.

Wagss’ second generation hydraulic grout pumps incorporate a host of new and improved features for greater reliability in performance. 

Faster pumping is enabled in the hydraulic grout pumps with modifications made to the cycle valve and internal port sizes, also allowing the pump to produce pressures around 750 psi. 

A key advantage in the new hydraulic pumps is that they can be run off existing machinery including loaders, eliminating the need for compressed air or an electrical supply.

Maintenance-free performance is facilitated with the use of hydraulics in the Wagss hydraulic grout pumps.

Wagss hydraulic grout pumps are particularly popular with drillers as they attach easily to the auxiliary outlet on all drill rigs.

A comprehensive data sheet is also supplied with each grout pump to assist in the set-up process.

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