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Storage and handling needs from Wagen Material Handling

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Wagen Material Handling manufactures quality trolleys, castors and materials handling equipment in an amazing range of sizes and descriptions. Wagen Material Handling has long term relationship with its customers in service, private and government sectors for a period spanning some 30 years and has a reputation for excellent quality and innovation. Wagen Material Handling enables customers to order replacement wheels and castors for their trolleys and avail a maintenance program service for refurbishment and repairs of existing product, or utilise the design and prototyping section for the development of non standard product that suits their needs.

Wagen Material Handling offers product range with reference to commercial products, hospitality-front of house and back of house, warehouse order picking, stillage and cages, custom made equipment. Wagen Material Handling offers commercial products such as traymobile, gem hand trolley, Ruxxac cart, platform trolley with folding handle, book traymobile, eco mail trolley, solicitors court trolley and mail distribution trolley. The hospitality front of house includes items such as luggage platform trolley, tubular porters trolley, birdcage trolley, luggage and garment rail trolley, porters trolley.

Wagen Material Handling provides back of house products such as garment rail, mini bar cart, house maid trolley (house maid cart), laundry bins chair, luggage rack, utility trolleys (light duty house maids cart), folding bag trolley, mobile linen and goods storage trolley. The warehouse order picking products offered by Wagen Material Handling comprises of special trailer, order picking trolley, pallet truck PTGC680, carton trolley (Retail Distribution trolley), step access picking trolley, liftaide trolley, spring scissor lift platform trolley.

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