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Online induction and training for safety systems from Wades OHS Solutions

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Wades OHS Solutions , offered by Wades Business Solutions, provides an induction and training session for the implementation and communication of the OHS system adopted by the organisation. These inductions can be made available online too as some staff may miss out on inductions because of time restraints. The orientation can be given on-site and get them ready to start on the specific training needed for their role.

Wades OHS Solutions also presents inductions online for the benefit of its clients. As there is every possibility that some staff may miss out on the inductions due to time restraints, Wades OHS Solutions’ online inductions help save time, money and energy.

Online inductions offered by Wades OHS Solutions present a series of benefits. The online inductions are convenient, cost effective and time saving. The induction can be custom or pre-formatted for the business and the results can be emailed directly to the Manager. The facility of interactive questions using video, text and images is also available.

Simulated scenarios with comprehension tests can be conducted in these online inductions from Wades OHS Solutions. Wades OHS Solutions’ online inductions can be designed using the existing policies to create a programme that is specific to an industry. Wades OHS Solutions also provide a secure login for the employees.

Wades OHS Solutions has recently released Version 3 of the OHS system. Wades OHS System from Wades OHS Solutions is now part of the Safety Culture product range. Now known as the Safety Culture, the OHS system offers updates on legislation changes, policies and government literature.

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