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Sewing machines and spares with accessories from WMC Jackson

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WMC Jackson  provides belts, lubricants, tagging guns and nylon tags along with a long range of needle and other sewing and sewing machine requirements. WMC Jackson offers a broad selection of genuine parts and accessories and a wide range of Industrial Sewing Machines. As an agent of Pfaff Industrial Sewing machines, WMC Jackson offers Texpa, a fully automatic system for folding, sewing, cutting and packaging of home textiles.

WMC Jackson offers Oshima fusing presses, Kannegiesser in fusing and pressing equipment, Fortuna splitting and skiving machines for leather, AMF Reece a lockstitch button hole machines and key hole button holers pocket welting machines, Kawakami spreading and laying up machines, K.M. Cloth Cutting machines, Pegasus Chainstitch and Overlock machines and internationally known Brother industrial Sewing machines.

As agents for many reputed companies, WMC Jackson offers a diversified range of products related to sewing and spares. Some of them includes non woven lines, needle looms, air Interlacing jets, air texturising, carding machines, precision cone winding equipment, blending equipment, driving belts, lifting and spinning tapes for spinning machines, coating, flocking and finishing machines and many more.

In collaboration with Polycore Australia, WMC Jackson can provide polycore polypropylene honeycombs to meet the chemical, thermal and mechanical demands of the customers.

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