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WL Gore & Associates offers composite organic dielectric materials

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There is a variety of composite organic dielectric materials that are useful for the chip package substrates as well as printed circuit boards provided by WL Gore & Associates . The products offered are GORE G410 Prepreg, GORE G630 Prepreg, GORE G620 Prepreg, GORE SPEEDBOARD C Prepreg and GORE SPEEDBOARD LF Prepreg.

WL Gore & Associates also offers EMI shielding solutions designed for wireless/convergence industry. There are EMI Gasket Solutions, Board Level EMI Shielding Solutions, Grounding Pad Solutions from WL Gore & Associates under this category.

Fuel Cell Components from WL Gore & Associates’ Gore Fuel Cell Technologies offers MEA products for the polymer electrolyte, or proton exchange, membrane (PEM) fuel cell industry that are of technologically advanced portfolio. The products include GORE PRIMEA MEAs for portable and backup power, GORE PRIMEA MEAs for transportation and GORE PRIMEA MEAs for Stationary Power. Battery and capacitors from WL Gore & Associates are GOR Energy Storage Device Components that are high-performance components for batteries and electrochemical double layer capacitors (EDLC).

There are electrodes and electrode assemblies, separators, gas diffusion membranes and specialty electronic products. Thin, lightweight fabrics made from the durable Gore membranes offers key performance. Windproofness, moisture vapour permeability or “breathability and resistance to penetration by liquids are some of the features of the fabrics provided by WL Gore & Associates.

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