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WIA Welding Industries of Australia’s Austarc 16TC arc welding electrodes

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WIA Welding Industries of Australia’s  Austarc 16TC arc welding electrodes is one of the products in WIA’s slow hydogren electrodes range for welding purposes. 

Austarc 16TC arc welding electrodes have been developed using a unique twin coating extrusion process to provide arc stability and control for its class and produces high quality welding deposits with reliable notch toughness to minus 400 degrees.

The 16TC arc welding electrodes have cores that are 100% pure Australian steel. The high purity of the Australian steel delivers a deposited weld metal that is cleaner and free of impurities, ultimately resulting in a weld that is stronger with less propensity for cracking.

Features and benefits of WIA's Austarc 16TC arc welding electrodes:

  • developed for all positional (except vertical down) welding
  • manufactured using a twin coating extrusion process, producing electrodes with two concentric lux coatings 
  • arc stability is improved with arc stabilising elements concentrated in the inner coating of the electrode
  • smooth rippled weld profile with edge wetting and fluid removes glassy slag.
  • deposits x-ray quality weld metal with typical diffusible hydrogen levels of 5-8mls per 100 gms of deposited weld metal.
  • grade 4 electrode toughness: crack resistant properties means product is a good choice for welding carbon, carbon manganese and low alloy high strength steels in critical and non-critical applications.
  • available in 6 sizes varying from 2.5mm – 6mm in size

Suitability of Austarc 16TC arc welding electrodes:

  • suitable for welding heavy wall joints subject to high degrees of restraint, pipe spooling and for structural applications where notch toughness is at a prerequisite of minus 400 degrees Celsius
  • used in maintenance situations and as a buffer or build-up layer on agricultural and earth moving equipment prior to hard surfacing
  • ideal for use with  pressure vessels, pipe welding, heavy duty maintenance jobs and applications, highly restrained joints, buffer layer prior to hard surfacing build up on structural steel

Commonly used in:

  • construction industries and applications
  • agricultural industries and practices

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