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Miller Pro-Heat 35 Induction Heating Systems from WIA

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A new technology that can save money and reduce heating time by up to 400% in industrial processes is now being offered by WIA Welding Industries of Australia . This new industrial heating technology is particularly relevant for processes that require pre-heating pipes or components.  

Induction heating is a system that induces heat electromagnetically as against using a heating element to conduct heat in conventional processes.  

Superior to traditional heating methods such as ceramic blankets and LPG, induction heating is not only faster but offers greater control over ramping temperature rates.  

A key benefit of switching over from conventional heating processes to induction heating is the significant reduction in pre-heat time.  

Miller’s Pro-Heat 35 induction heating systems are designed to bring a part or component to the required temperature in a fraction of the time used by traditional flame and resistance heating processes.  

Companies that trialled the Pro-Heat system reduced pre-heating time from over 2 hours to 30 minutes – a reduction of up to 400%. The reduction in heating time delivers significant cost savings from increased productivity.  

Operator safety is a key aspect in the selection of the heating method. Induction heating systems provide a safer working environment for welding operators by eliminating exposure to open flames, explosive gases and hot elements that occur in other heating processes.  

The heating elements used in Pro-Heat induction systems do not produce radiant heat and therefore remain cool to the touch, eliminating potential burn injuries.  

Key advantages of Pro-Heat induction heating systems 

  • Set-up time for the pre-heating process is minimised with user-friendly functions that guide the operator to achieve maximum output from induction coils
  • Can be used as an air-cooled system for temperatures up to 400ºF or as a liquid-cooled system for temperatures up to 1450ºF
  • Multiple outputs and four control thermocouples ensure uniform heating
  • Ideal for pre-heating track idler rollers, dragline buckets and drilling equipment
  • Safer working environment enabled by eliminating exposure to open flames, explosive gases and hot elements during the pre-heating process

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