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Miller PipePro 450 welding system is a new multi-process inverter-based welding package offered by WIA Welding Industries of Australia .  

Designed and manufactured by Miller Electric Manufacturing Company specifically for pipe fabrication, the PipePro welding systems are suitable for shop fabrication as well as field fabrication.  

A successful business is based on keeping costs low and productivity up. As the resource market continues to grow, businesses must find ways to refine processes to keep up with demand while keeping costs down to remain competitive.  

Difficulty in finding skilled welders means that the process and equipment selected must make it easier for businesses.  

The PipePro 450 welding system uses the RMD process, a modified short circuit transfer process that precisely controls welding current during all phases of metal transfer to eliminate excess weld puddle agitation.  

The welding system can achieve TIG quality root pass welds at more than twice the travel speed and with substantially less operator training time and operator positioning.  

Apart from allowing the operator to manipulate easily, the RMD process also enables novice welders to learn faster. Experienced welders can learn the process in under two hours enhancing productivity on the shop floor.  

The calm weld puddle produced by the RMD process creates consistent fusion lines on a pipe root pass, helping welds pass inspection the first time and eliminating rework.  

Further cost savings can be made by achieving greater deposition rates compared to traditional TIG and MIG processes, eliminating the need for a hot pass, which can save up to $20 per weld.  

The PipePro 450 welding system uses the Pro-Pulse technology to control both current and voltage to remain within the optimum range for a specific wire type and diameter as well as wire feed speed and gas combination. This ensures shorter arc lengths and a more focused arc column.  

Key benefits of controlled weld puddle:

  • Better directional control, particularly when working out-of-position
  • More tolerance of contact tip-to-work distance variation
  • Improved fusion at the toes of the weld to ensure quality welds the first time
  • Lower heat input, which reduces interpass cooling time and weld cycle time

The RMD and Pro-Pulse technology allow the operator to achieve nearly ideal weld parameters by simply selecting the wire type, wire diameter, gas combination and desired process. The system then uses that information to select the optimum parameters from a library of application programs.  

Moving away from the traditional stick process and adopting the RMD welding system provides the operator with more control, ensures speedy learning by novice welders, reduces cost by limiting the amount of rework required and increases productivity.

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