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Miller Bobcat welding generators from WIA Welding Industries of Australia combine a welder and a generator to cover all farm maintenance requirements.  

Good farm management is a result of hard work as well as good quality equipment and tools to keep the farm in top condition. A key part of any farm is maintenance of all equipment and infrastructure that keep it operational.  

Good quality welding machines are an essential part of farm maintenance equipment. Given the importance of power to any farm operation, combining a welder and generator is practical.  

Combining a generator with a welder provides the flexibility to not only weld, but power a wide range of equipment such as floodlights, power tools, sump pumps and even televisions and microwaves. All-in-one welder-generators can be put in the back of a Ute and taken to the job site, ensuring a portable maintenance solution on the farm.  

Key factors to consider before investing in welding generators

  • Welding generators used for farm operations have to operate in tough, outdoor conditions
  • Reliability of the equipment is important; buying a well-known brand will ensure durable and dependable performance
  • Welding generators must produce sufficient wattage to power critical equipment on the farm
  • All welding generators provide Stick welding capabilities, which enable repair of anything made of mild steel and stainless steel
  • Advanced welding generators have TIG welding capabilities while some permit wire welding (MIG and Flux Cored welding)

Welding Industries of Australia recommends the Miller Bobcat, a combined welder and generator designed to meet all farm maintenance requirements.  

The Bobcat 250 welding generators offer a petrol or diesel option and can handle Stick, TIG and MIG processes.

Bobcat 250 achieves excellent arc performance and delivers 11,000 watts of usable peak auxiliary 240-volt power for generator loads such as air-compressors. The revolutionary screwed-rotor design delivers smoother auxiliary power without spikes.

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