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WD-40 Company produces lubricants, cleaners, carpet deodorisers and stain removers. WD-40 Company have offices in Australia, New Zealand and USA.


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26/09/12 - WD-40 is a well known product praised for its ability to lubricate, protect, penetrate and clean, and it is one of the most effective all purpose degreasers on the market.
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26/06/12 - WD-40 Company offers the Solvol range of heavy duty hand cleaners formulated to gently remove ingrained dirt without the harshness of coarse abrasives.
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25/06/12 - WD-40 Company introduces No-Rust Shield rust and corrosion inhibitor from the 3-IN-ONE Professional range.
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22/06/12 - WD-40 Company is a leading brand of multipurpose lubricants in the market.
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