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Pipeline components, clamps and couplings from WANG Industries

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WANG Industries , by using new computer technology in their department for research, design and development can create individual products and solutions. WANG Industries, also called WANG Components, supply a wide range of pipeline components including new products like recycled plastic products (including hydrant covers and surrounds), Vari-Gib Couplings and bridging gaskets and Telstra Pit Covers.

WANG Industries provides Pipe Couplings, Stainless Steel Clamps, Bell Leak Clamp and Brass Products. WANG Components Gibault Pipe Couplings are designed to provide an efficient mechanical joint for white PVC and AC sized pipes. The gibault coupling is suitable for reaffixing pipes after the removal of damaged or broken pipes, or for connecting the pipeline fittings in line.

WANG Industries’ Vari-Gib Pipe Couplings are designed to provide a mechanical joint among pipes of equivalent or unequal outside diameters. The deviation between the two pipe sizes can be up to 24 millimetre. WANG Components Vari-Gib Pipe Couplings are free from corrosion, protected by FBE ductile iron or Stainless Steel and allows long-lasting service and performance.

Stainless Steel Clamps from WANG Industries’ fits many types of pipes and diameters within its range. WANG Components Stainless Steel Clamps are best suitable and utilized for permanent repair, connecting or offtakes with BSP tapped, flanged clamps and spigot.

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