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Pipeline components. Australian made quality pipeline solutions.


Supplier news
30/04/08 - WANG Components Stainless Steel Clamps, offered by WANG Industries, can also be made to suit most requirements and there is no need to shut down the complete line as it permits installation on a live or dead main line with very less or no pipeline do
Supplier news
29/04/08 - WANG Industries, by using new computer technology in their department for research, design and development can create individual products and solutions.
Supplier news
28/04/08 - WANG Industries, also known as WANG Components, is a provider of stainless steel clamp products such as repair clamps, sewer off-take clamps, tapping saddles and flanged off-takes.

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15 Nyadale Dr
VIC 3179
Tel: 03 9730 6100
Fax: 03 9730 6101

WANG Industries Brands

Mag Flo WANG (Kawanda) Clamps

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