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Wamgroup introduces online machine and equipment testing

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Wamgroup, represented in this country by WAM Australia , have introduced their new outdoor Test Plant in Ponte Motta, Modena (Italy) including a comprehensive webcam monitoring system.

The Test Plant includes most Wamgroup products which are integrated in a system that allows simulation of real operating conditions. The system is connected to software which controls, detects and registers performance data of all the equipment (silo demo centre).
To enable Wamgroup subsidiaries from all over the world to carry out remote tests a webcam monitoring system has been installed.

Following this principle, the Test Plant should help Wamgroup developers to test the performance and resistance of new machines and equipment in real work conditions and to analyse how that equipment operates inside a plant.

These tests can be conducted:

  • Comparative performance of pressure relief valves and silo safety equipment
  • Application of mortar mixers and dust conditioners
  • Durability of components (intercepting and diverter valves)
  • Testing of prototypes and innovative concepts
  • Throughput rates of screw conveyors and feeders, as well as pneumatic conveyors
  • Filtration efficiency and clogging behaviour of filter elements
Due to the webcam monitoring system and the testing software, the Wamgroup sales and marketing team is now able to show the Group’s products in action everywhere any time.

These marketing activities can be conducted:

  • Live product shows during exhibitions
  • Connection to view customer tests online
  • Live product shows during customer visits
  • Live testing on customer’s request
  • Training on product features
  • Training on product installation and maintenance

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