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SPECO WASTEMASTER TSF V01 available from WAM Australia for Mechanical Wastewater Pre-Treatment

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article image SPECO WASTEMASTER TSF V01 for Mechanical Wastewater Pre-Treatment

WAM Australia  presents the SPECO WASTEMASTER TSF V01, a new solution dedicated to mechanical wastewater pre-treatment that meets current market needs of quality, maintenance, safety, environmental protection and price.  

A key player in the wastewater industry, SPECO offers the WASTEMASTER TSF V01 system in a new modular design with an adjustable extracting screw and a fully floating grease scraper to provide customers with higher performance and quick ROI.  

The modular WASTEMASTER TSF V01 wastewater pre-treatment system has been designed for the treatment of effluents that are either pumped or arrive by gravity from the sewers.  

The WASTEMASTER TSF V01 solves a number of maintenance and environmental problems with the fully enclosed construction making the machine eco-friendly in terms of odour and biological hazards, since the operator does not come into contact with splashing wastewater.  

Key features of the WASTEMASTER TSF V01 wastewater pre-treatment system: 

  • Screen with a shaftless screw for solids extraction
  • Tank for the sedimentation of sand
  • Flotation device for grease and other floating matter (TSF 3 only)
  • Longitudinal shaftless screw installed at the bottom of the tank to transfer the sand to an oblique screw feeder for disposal
  • System for the removal of grease and floating material in TSF 3 model equipped with an innovative scraper
  • Reduces installation and maintenance costs due to considerable reduction in civil works and easy accessibility to all mechanical components
  • Modular structure allows a large variety of configurations in terms of water treatment flow rate and sand sedimentation performance
  • Right Hand and Left Hand versions for an optimised plant layout available
  • Fully enclosed construction enables odour control and prevents biological hazards for the operator
  • Bolted wear bars, screws and brushes can be easily replaced after years of operation
  • All plant components are comfortably accessible, while spare parts are reasonably priced
  • Integrated screenings compacting system lowers system weight
  • Screenings washing system reduces the organic matter and increases compaction

Key advantages of WASTEMASTER TSF V01: 

  • Minimises infrastructure costs  
  • Minimises footprint
  • Reduced running and maintenance costs
  • Easy maintenance  
  • Easy replacement of wear bars, brushes and gear motors
  • Inspection and maintenance hatches in all critical areas of the entire tank surface
  • Safety is ensured with the operator never in contact with wastewater or hazardous material
  • Ecological benefits from  completely enclosed odour-free construction

The SPECO range consists of screens for in-channel and in-tank application, compactors, sand classifiers, septic tank receiving stations as well as compact plants, all manufactured from stainless steel.

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