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WAM Australia  offers a complete range of specialised micro-batch feeders for powdery and granular materials.  

The micro-batch feeders in their basic version are a range of volumetric feeders incorporating a blending tool that keeps the material constantly fluid during feeding.  

MBF micro-batch feeders have been successfully operating in industries such as food, building, plastics, chemicals, packaging and environmental technology.  

WAM’s micro-batch feeders are specifically designed both for continuous and batch feeding processes with the aim of maximising flexibility, precision and efficiency of the operation.  

When combined with a platform scale on a microprocessor-controlled load cell supplied by WAM, the micro-batch feeders turn into gravimetric dosing units for use in batch processes for minor as well as major components up to fully controlled master/slave feeding units for multiple ingredients in percentage related dosing processes in continuous manufacturing.  

MBF series micro-batch feeders for powder and granular product feeding are particularly suitable for poorly flowing materials that tend to clog along with adhesive products.  

Key features of WAM’s micro-batch feeders:    

  • Internal geometry guarantees free flow of difficult materials
  • Minimum clearance between screw flight and feeder pipe ensures high precision feeding
  • Easy and quick maintenance due to fewer components
  • High degree of homogeneity of the fed material
  • Easy and quick cleaning due to engineering
  • SINT polymer non-stick surface and quick access panel
Options and accessories:  
  • Units in FDA-approved food-grade SINT engineering polymer or completely in stainless steel
  • Electric or pneumatic vibrators

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