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WAM Australia  discuss material flow control technology used in the development and manufacture of the company products.

Valves of different types are generally the most common means of controlling the flow of bulk solid materials. Valves consists of a valve body, of varying shape, inside which a cut-off system is installed for reducing the section involved in the passage of the flow.

The nature of bulk solid materials (especially such features as abrasiveness, corrosiveness, contaminability, degradability and temperature), has a weight on the choice of material to be used for constructing the controlling device, or on the need to carry out surface treatment on the parts which come into contact with the product. This strongly influences the type of valve to be used.

Controlling the flow rate of bulk solids materials can be achieved by using different types of valves:  butterfly valves, slide valves, pinch valves,  arc valves,  diaphragm valves,  ball valves, etc. 

Depending on the unloading section of the silo or hopper, the valve inlet section may be circular, square or rectangular, and the connection between the two parts is generally achieved by flanging.

These devices may be activated manually, or automatically by means of electro-pneumatic or motor-operated actuators, depending on the requirements of the specific material flow control processes.

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