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Commercial and Food Processing Lighting from WADCO Lighting

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The commercial lightings from WADCO Lighting are of the following types. Ultralux luminaire with silicon chip, polyester powder finish, large refractor, a carbon filter to prevent dust is ideal for use in aircrafts , retail stores, workshops. The Ultralux junior made of silicon powder coat finish is used for mounting in smaller heights. It can be suspended, fully recessed or semi recessed and is suited for use in gyms, foyers, entrances.

The Higlow is a heavy duty luminaire, fully enclosed and filtered, is suitable for foundries, aluminum production, chemical and rubber manufacture. Astrolux is a low profile luminaire with injection moulded prismatic refractor. It finds use in supermarkets, shopping malls. Lumalex with and high vertical illuminance and low brightness can be used as a decorative lighting while Combolux with equal performance in plastic or glass reflectors gives better shielding.

Rondalume, a wide spreading luminaire with sodium or mercury vapour lamp and Metrolux with minimum surface obstruction and low glare are two more products from WADCO Lighting. Starglow and Betalux are used for low mounting applications like equipments, engine compartments.

Watchdog provides emergency lighting with a weatherproof bulkhead. Decalux, Prismlux, Wallstar suited for hotels, office buildings, banks and Opalume with opelescent appearance and an architectural design are the other types of lumnaires available under commercial lighting.

The lightings which can also be used in food processing units include Ultralux and Ultralux junior, Metrolux, Betalux and Rondalume.

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